Alexander Polyakov
Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Robotic Process Automation
Expert Council Member – Government

15 years in Cybersecurity from pentester, researcher and bughunter to Product manager, CTO and Founder. Other professional interests are AI, Neuroscience, SynthBio, Biohacking, Health, Psychology, quantified-self and solving complex challenges. Currently engaged in various stealth mode projects in AI, Cybersecurity, Synthbio, Digital Health, Eco and Education areas as Founder, Mentor, Investor and Advisor. Previously co-founded first of it's kind ERP security company in 2009 and grew R&D department before from 2 to 40 smartest engineers and put the company into Gartner MQ in Application security as well as Gartner Hype Cycle and 40 other industry awards. 1 Company in Gartner MQ 2 Books about Cybersecurity 2 MOOC Training 20+ Whitepapers 40+ Product and company awards 50+ Research papers 100+ Conference talks 200+ Articles published 200+ 0-day vulnerabilities reported 200+ Product implementations in 30+ countries 300+ Students trained offline 2000+ Students trained online in MOOC Alexander published many whitepapers on SAP security, including award-winning “SAP Security in Figures”, which received a lot of media buzz, being the first survey ever about the current situation of SAP security and won gold prize in Advertising in Global Excellence Awards. Alexander wrote a book about Oracle Database security and has been presenting his research on SAP and ERP security worldwide at more than 100 conferences ( RSA, BlackHat, HITB) and training the CISOs of Fortune 500 companies, including private training's for SAP AG. His research team released a huge amount of papers. 6 employees have spoken at various conferences. The R&D team was acknowledged by top vendors: SAP, Oracle, HP, IBM, for finding vulnerabilities in their products and helping to solve them. He is one of the organizer and program committee member of a deeply technical security conference: ZeroNights, which attracted 10000+people in total and was rated by SCMagazine as one of the top conferences to visit in 2013. Alexander is engaged in creating the first and only AI-driven ERP Security platform, a world-known corporate solution which covers all areas of SAP security. The product is purchased by large clients including the world’s largest Manufacturing, oil and gas and Retail vendors, being able to monitor dozens of SAP systems in parallel. His work with SAP Product Security Response Team started with finding vulnerabilities with more than 100 issues found overall and resulted in an official partnership with SAP AG.