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Celebrating Women in Technology, AI, & Cybersecurity

Celebrating Women in AI, Technology, and Cybersecurity: A Tribute on International Women's Day

Join us for a special International Women's Day webinar, "Celebrating Women in AI, Technology, and Cybersecurity," where we will spotlight the remarkable achievements of women leaders in STEM. This engaging panel discussion will feature inspiring stories, insightful discussions, and practical advice from trailblazing women who have significantly contributed to AI, technology, and cybersecurity. Take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate diversity, empowerment, and innovation in honor of International Women's Day.

  • What are the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in AI, technology, and cybersecurity industries, and how can we work together to overcome barriers to gender equality in STEM?

  • How have women leaders in AI, technology, and cybersecurity driven innovation, fostered diversity, and shaped the future of these rapidly evolving fields?

  • What actionable strategies and insights can aspiring women professionals and allies glean from the experiences and expertise of our distinguished panelists to advance their careers and make a positive impact in the world of STEM?

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8 March 2024


8:00 am PST/ 11:00 am EST


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Cyber Security

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