Round Table Discussion
Cybersecurity Workforce of the Future: Rethinking Hiring Practices

Cybersecurity Workforce of the Future: Rethinking Hiring Practices

This session delves into the shifting paradigms of cybersecurity workforce recruitment and hiring practices. As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, traditional job descriptions, requirements, and certifications are increasingly under examination for their relevance and inclusivity.

The discussion will highlight the need for flexible, skill-based hiring criteria that accommodate the diverse talents entering the field. We will explore innovative approaches to assess, onboard, and retain cybersecurity talent, particularly focusing on individuals with non-traditional education or experience.

This webinar aims to provide insights into creating a more dynamic and inclusive cybersecurity workforce, capable of meeting the complex challenges of the digital age.

Part 1: Evaluating Current Hiring Practices
Part 2: Advancing Towards Skill-Based Hiring
Part 3: Inclusivity in Cybersecurity Recruitment
Part 4: Retention and Development of Cybersecurity Talent
Part 5: Future of Cybersecurity Workforce


15 May 2024


10:00 AM PST

1:00 PM EST


Round Table


Cyber Security

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