A Dive into Criminal Enterprise & the Dark Web

A Dive into Criminal Enterprise & the Dark Web

Chairman at the Tortora Brayda Institute, Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere, will present an eye-opening presentation followed by a panel discussion with guest speaker and CEO of Cyber Intelligence House, Mikko Nimela, during which they will delve deep into the hidden world of criminal enterprises, the enigmatic realm of the dark and deep web, and the true cost of exposed data.

Some key takeaways are: 

Crime as a Service: Uncover the shocking reality of 'crime as a service' and understand the commercialization of illicit activities in the digital realm.
Exposing the Exposed Data: Discover the true cost of exposed data as we unravel the alarming prevalence of companies' active credentials available for sale on the dark web.
Securing the Unseen: Learn about the mechanisms employed by cybercriminals to steal these credentials and how you can protect yourself and your organization from falling victim.

Our panel will include Michael Thiessmeier, Executive Director of the NAIC-ISAO, David Mauro, Creative Director of the Cyber Crime Junkies Podcast, and Daniel Strauss, Domain Evangelist & Digital Consultant for nicmanager.


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26 October 2023


08:00 am PDT/ 11:00 am EDT


Fireside Chat


Cyber Security

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