Athena's Podium :

Quantum Apocalypse Is Closer
Than You Think

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Imagine you wake up in the morning of 2027 with the rumor that Y2Q has arrived; powerful quantum computers have broken critical cryptography. The internet as we know it is broken.

Would you trust online banking?

Would there be an ATM run?

Would fear and uncertainty lead to social unrest?

It would probably be hard to know what is true. Even today, a paper by Chinese authors titled “Factoring integers with sublinear resources on a superconducting quantum processor” shocked the popular press. Although the current algorithm outlined in the paper does not pose an immediate threat to RSA 2048, a future breakthrough will.

Should we be afraid of quantum doomsday?

When and how should we prepare?

Julian van Velzen (jpg)

Julian is the Head of the Capgemini quantum lab; a global network of quantum experts, partners and facilities, focused on 3 key areas: Sensing, Communication and Computing. From this Lab, Capgemini is exploring with its clients how to develop end-to-end quantum-based solutions to help solve business and societal problems that up until now are seemingly intractable. He’s incredibly excited to be at the forefront of this new disruptive technology, where he uses his background in physics and experience in digital transformation to help clients kick-start their quantum journey. Additionally, Julian has a special interest in sustainable development, he is part of the group CTIO community, he is the Dutch representative of the European quantum consortium (QuIC), and he is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.  


22 February 2023


09:00 AM PST

12:00 PM EST


Athena's Podium


Cyber Security

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