Board Of Directors


Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere born in Rome, Italy in 1969, is the founder and Executive Chairman of Tortora Brayda™ Partnership Excellence™, a global Think Tank to promote collaboration.

Mr. Tortora Brayda is also Chief Executive Officer of Gorilla Corporation which has its roots in several companies he founded in the 90s, and re-acquired thereafter.

Gorilla Corporation is a leading global partner development company responsible for the successful collaboration of hundreds of significant technology companies and household names.

His earliest work with the United Nations was as a Volunteer in the Office of the United Nations Special Commitee Against Apartheid in Geneva Switzerland. Shortly after that time he met with former United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali, and subsequently Kofi Annan several times. These were profoundly formative meetings focusing on the role of Public to Private Partnerships, Entrepreneurship and their role in international development.