There are no clouds without data centers

There are no clouds without data centers, and nowadays all data centers need to be hyper converged. Our organization feels that we must honor and dedicate genuine effort into supporting the technologies that power the internet and all technological progress.  

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is now unstoppable in the data center market. Its benefits in terms of cost and performance are now unequivocable. 

The future is software defined. Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is what most enterprises are aspiring to. The market is becoming increasingly competitive and we welcome that. 

Discrete data center solutions will become less common, as the clear symbiosis of hardware and software for the SDDC is becoming evident. 

Machine learning and AI are revolutionizing the life of Data Center administrators, allowing them to look at the big picture and drive further organizational efficiencies and risk mitigation.  Increased adoption of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is happening now.

This is the heartbeat of the internet and enables all our society to function.  

The opportunity and the implications of partnering in this exciting field are vast and of crucial importance to the world’s future prosperity and security. ​

The Tortora Brayda Institute Data Center and Hyper Converged Infrastructure Think Tank is divided into two councils:  Technology Channel & Alliances, and Government. Each council runs in parallel and meets on a quarterly basis.  At the start of the calendar year council members vote on the focus areas below. Tortora Brayda Institute for Partnership Excellence will provide Council members with broad insights from expert panel research on Focus areas, these will form the basis for the discussions and deliberations of the councils. The objective will be for the council to produce and publish a quarterly report outlining best practices and recommending actionable plans that would benefit the private and public strategy.

Each Council will also vote for four UN Sustainable Development Goals to discuss one at each quarterly session and brainstorm on how partnerships can help achieve the goals, and what each member can do to influence this success.