Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
And Robotic Process Automation
Where Science Fiction Becomes Real

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are no longer a thing of the future.  This technology is central to so many core technologies already enhancing so many aspects of our daily lives.

Digital life has profoundly transformed human society. The complete digitalization of the entire human species is within grasp and this is truly a double-edged sword, offering previously unimagined opportunities and unprecedented threats. 

Will AI make people be better off than they are today?

Camps are widely divided, but progress is accelerating more and more. Our Think Tank will consider how to prepare for “Technological Singularity” the hypothetical point of inflection where the technological process becomes so advanced as to cause unforeseen and irreversible changes to human society.  This extends into considering the notions of future human-computer interaction as technology achieves “superintelligence”. Some experts suggest we could break through this critical point in about 25 years. 

As we work to create a better world, partnerships are everything.   Whilst being grounded in business and commercial reality, this Council is perhaps one of the most challenging ones as we redefine the boundaries of what it means to be human in this age of digital symbiosis, and we prepare for machines to surpass our capabilities. 

Tim Cook
Apple, Inc.

What all of us have to do is to make sure we are using AI in a way that is for the benefit of humanity, not to the detriment of humanity.

The Tortora Brayda Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation Council is divided into three  councils:  Technology Channel & Alliances, Ethics and Government. Each council runs in parallel and meets on a quarterly basis.  At the start of the calendar year council members vote on the focus areas below. Tortora Brayda Partnership Excellence will provide council members with broad insights from expert panel research on focus areas, these will form the basis for the discussions and deliberations of the councils. The objective will be for the council to produce and publish a quarterly report outlining best practices and recommending actionable plans that would benefit the private and public strategy.

Each council will also vote for four UN Sustainable Development Goals to discuss one at each  quarterly session and brainstorm on how partnerships can help achieve the goals, and what each member can do to influence this success. 

Council Focus areas include: 

  • Digital life is code driven, humans lose control of independent choice and privacy
  • Data abuse. Surveillance and control for profit or power. Value and ethics not encoded
  • The unemployment challenge as RPA and AI take over service jobs. Widening economic divide
  • Decrease in human society cognitive and social skills as automation takes over daily social and cognitive processes
  • Accelerated growth of autonomous military applications and weapon systems and the ways that could go wrong
  • How cybercrime can use AI to cause damage
  • Digital collaboration on AI amongst nations and stakeholder groups. 
  • Baking in ethical values. Creating AI with empathy. Determining regulatory framework for empathy:ethics:morality. Whose morality are we embedding? 
  • Could AI ethical driven bots replace politicians? 
  • How can humans become smarter, faster, better thanks to AI?  How can we remain superior to technology? 
  • The future of partnerships. Human: Artificial Intelligence partnerships, partnering with droids for symbiotic success. 
  • ​Promoting AI/ML RPA in state government
  • ​Working with Government AI/ML/RPA Partners
  • ​Working with Private Sector AI/ML/RPA Partners
  • AI strategy in Government
  • What government departments/processes could gain efficiency through automation ? 
  • Can AI automate and determine immigration VISA cases? 
  • Can AI screen and discriminate refugee cases? 
  • Support the government to develop partnerships with like-minded countries, industry, civil society, and other stakeholders to advance the automation agenda globally
  • Promote and accelerate international automation business by leveraging channel relationships
  • Partnering between industry and academia to build and accelerate the effectiveness of new AI/ML/RPA innovation talent.
  • Providing fast tracking and funding facilitation for innovators
  • Value proposition development and improve messaging for collaboration between government and industry
  • Building trust in (public/private) partnerships
  • Further stimulate innovation
  • Leverage FED/SLED procurement to stimulate innovative private sector and support individual vendors
  • ​Commercial operationalization of multi vendor strategic alliances 
  • ​Leveraging joint channels 
  • Stimulate growth and business innovation in cyber security
  • ​Promoting and deploying cyber security in corporations
  • ​AI/RPA – The alignment, opportunity and go-to-market
  • Operationalize the go to market for ​AI/RPA convergence
  • Leveraging distribution for the long tail​
  • ​Successful white space penetration strategies​ through channel 
  • How distribution is adapting to the new normal​
  • ​Effective partner transformation: from on premise to subscription​
  • ​Broadening your partner ecosystem​
  • ​Making partner marketing work​
  • Cutting through the noise: standing out in your partner’s vendor portfolio
  • The future of no code RPA in the SI channel 
  • Open source RPA – the business opportunity and dangers for reseller and vendor alike
  • RPA and AI marketplaces, intercompany integrations
  • Cutting through the noise: standing out in your partner’s vendor portfolio
Presentation about machine learning technology with scientist touching screen with artificial intelligence (AI), neural network, automation, and data mining words and computer icons