Partnership Excellence Think Tank

Embracing the most critical technology growth domains of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, hyper-converged infrastructure, robotic process automation and the internet of things, Tortora Brayda™ Partnership Excellence™ brings together experts and leaders from the public and private sectors and academia from around the world. 

Together, they push the boundaries of progress and its accomplishment through successful partnerships between vendors, distribution partners, governments, non-governmental organizations and any combination thereof. 

Partnership Excellence’s Think Tank is split in multiple Councils. Each council’s agenda is drawn up annually and revised quarterly.  Council membership is divided into Chairperson, Executive and Expert Circles, by invitation only.  

Councils drive thought leadership in their particular speciality with focus on advancing the agenda of collaboration and partnerships for better business and ultimately a better world. 

Councils meet quarterly and publish a thought leadership paper every quarter, which will also be published on crediting the contributors. 

These papers will help drive better partnering business practices, and forward the agenda of all stakeholders.

Helen Keller

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”