Tara Anderson
Cyber Security
Expert Council Member –

At the age of 18 and just two weeks out of high school, Tara began working in the banking and finance industries. In 2001, Tara continued her banking career while being a mother and Finance student at Boise State University. After graduation, she went on to be a Top National Producer in corporate banking, immersed herself in real estate, and acquired a passion for politics where she spent many long nights in campaign offices. She devoted eight years to US Bank, two years at Zions Bancorporation, and two years at JP Morgan Chase. She’s spent the last two years as a Partner working with scaling companies at Cognitive SLC, a capital strategy firm. In parallel to Cognitive SLC, her next and most recent step was to combine her knowledge of real estate, venture capital, and entrepreneurism by becoming an Asset Strategist at Logical Move, a team of commercial property acquisition specialists. She is especially focused on entrepreneurial tech startups in Utah and Washington State as they align their real estate needs with projected growth strategies.