Eric Tyree
Head of AI & Research at BLUE PRISM
Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Robotic Process Automation
Expert Council Member – Government

I have over 20 years of experience in senior managerial, entrepreneurial, technical, commercial and research roles specializing in developing new data driven products and services and in particular offerings that combine the two. I have developed and managed software and service offerings for software companies, consultancies and service firms in a wide range of industries including corporate travel management, hedge funds, insurance, HR, employee benefits management, compliance/anti-fraud/money laundering system suppliers, securities exchanges, retail banks and others. I particularly enjoy helping companies innovate both technologically and commercially as the two naturally go hand in hand and so operate on both the commercial and technical sides of business. I am experienced in building and leading high performance data driven software and service organizations and in driving product and technology strategy for both large corporates and start ups.