Teresa Spangler
Partnership Excellence

For more than 30 years, IÆve been a driving force behind innovation and growth. I wear multiple hats as a social entrepreneur, innovation expert, growth strategist, author, and speaker (not to mention mother, wife, and bandleader). IÆm especially passionate about helping CEOs understand and value the role human capital plays in innovation and the impact that innovation has on humanity in our ever-changing artificial/cyber world. I share insights on these topics as a member of the Forbes Technology Council. I founded Plazabridge Group and GameDay Decisions Analytics PlatformÖ, an integrated artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform as a service to ôSimplify the Art and Science of Decision Making.ö I believe in innovation for good, developing products that make a difference. Innovation is the cornerstone to growth and resilience. I am passionate about my work; leading CEO's and companies through digital transformation future proofing their businesses. Helping to strengthen leaders is vital because businesses need to be agile and ready to pivot when the next economic or social crisis occurs. The organizations that can rapidly make that culture shift will prevail.Being invited to join Vistage as a Chair, is an honor. I recognize the value of peer advisory groups having been both a member and a leader in them over the years. I want to share these experiences with more people so I recently became a Vistage Chair, facilitating group meetings of high-performing leaders who want to grow their businesses and accelerate results. I also offer individual coaching to each member. When I work with values-based executives who care about their communities, we can influence a better outcome for the world and make real and lasting change. Outside of work, I founded a philanthropic performing arts organization which created showcase opportunities for more than 200 artists and musicians. My passion for music is evident when I perform as a singer and guitarist with The Headless Chickens. I am currently seeking members for my Vistage group. If your company is in growth mode and you need help making big decisions, itÆs the perfect time to join. Connect with me at to find out more.