Satyam Bheemarasetti
Partnership Excellence

Entrepreneur and senior executive management, visualizing newer trends and needs, and conceptualizing marketable enterprise products and ventures of international quality, since 1999. Over 20 years experience in US in enterprise software, in BEA Systems, AT&T Bell Labs, Unix System Labs, Novell, Deloitte & Touche, NetSilica and NeoSilica. Presently focussed on innovation and entrepreneurship in 'Smart City and Education' sectors. Under Smart Cities - developing Multi-Utility (Electric, Water and Gas) solutions - across Utility, Buildings and Plants. In Energy sector, ventured into building, marketing and deploying Smart City, Smart Grid, Renewable, and Cleantech solutions for US and Indian markets - taking the energy conservation approach to address global energy crisis. The solutions are going to global markets, with tremendous flexibility, expandability and scalability - unmatched in legacy technologies. The architectures that we use for our Smart Grid solutions are evolving as - "Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)", "Machine 2 Machine", "Internet of Things" - with efficient marriage of IIoT/M2M (our own hardware and software) in the field, coupled with Cloud based IT and Big Data. Played major role in executive management, sales and channel development, product visualization, investment efforts (mostly for VCs), patenting at USPTO, in India and US. Presented and taught in Smart City, enterprise architecture, SOA, Smart Grid, e-governance and network security, at several international conferences. Specialities: Entrepreneur, executive management, conceptualize and develop enterprise scale products and solutions, technology management, enterprise sales/channels in US and India, patenting, market research & analysis, product positioning and marketing, raise investment, conference presentations and publications; enterprise solution design, Smart City & Grid, Solar, Cleantech, enterprise architecture, SOA; network, web and application security, e-governance.