Dave Porter
Cloud, Data Center and Hyper Converged Infrastructure
Expert Council Member – Technology Channel & Alliances

Channels are complex. Whatever your strategy, the hardest act is to execute. Why? Because the fundamental requirement for linking strategy with action is reliable data (and a smattering of KPIs!). 10 years ago, I left the Defense sector as an analyst and began helping channel teams to re-define the way they measure performance and drive value. But what did i really do? Over my career I have learnt that key results (these being INCREASING REVENUE, IMPROVING MARKET SHARE and REDUCING COMPLEXITY) are driven by a need for new or improved data; and that in a sentence, is how TPC Global was born. I work for all of you who are accountable for the decisions you make in your channel roles. From, driving an increase in revenue, to an increase in transacting partners, to optimizing distribution landscapes, to improving channel programs, to eCommerce RTM projects, to linking strategy with execution, I have NEVER relied solely on indicative insights or my gut. What I do for some of the biggest clients in the world, is utilize real data from the market (our PriceMark database, for example, is truly unique) and design industry-leading tools to answer questions that have previously been (just) out of reach. Over the course of 48 projects to date, my team and I have become a major value creator into Distribution, Commercial & eCommerce routes to market.