Huvr develops technology that gives you virtual access to mobile locations and virtual events without you being there.

Huvr Video provides live video and audio access of remote locations from anywhere around the world giving licensed users the ability to acquire video, audio and geospatial data while given end users simple access to virtual events from a mobile device. Founded in January 2020, Huvr has grown into a global company with multiple products for individual users and SaaS users.

The concept for Huvr was formed in 2019 by Herman DeBoard. “I wanted to figure out a way to explore the world in real time without leaving my home and without the need to know someone in the locations I am traveling”. Herman got with James Martin, his current CTO and Jaime Lee Donovan, his former CMO, and together they built a team and started the development of the MVP for the Huvr App.

We started by building an MVP focusing on the Gig Economy and launched that in 15 Countries with just a few walkers to test the overall concept. The concept was a success so we launched a strategy to grow it, which included recruiting a few colleges and Universities to get their student bodies using the app. Well, we received great feedback, but the biggest was that they liked our platform so much, that they wanted to license it from us for their own purposes. So in early 2021, we begain the process of adding a SaaS platform to Huvr that would allow organizations the ability to license Huvr and use it for their own purposes.

From there, we registered as a Government contractor and was certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) after which, we began to run an education campaign to teach government agencies exactly what we do and how it can benefit them. Flash forward to 2022, and we acquired OpticSense, which gave us the Fiberoptic Ring Interferometer technology that we are using for perimeter detection and acoustic data acquisition from any location around the globe.

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