Digital Direct Democracy – a new model for Artificial Intelligence operated Government

Tortora Brayda AI Council highlights opportunities and risks of automated government and digital democracy


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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, October 30, 2020 – Tortora Brayda Partnership Excellence, a non-profit international organization for multi-stakeholder partnership development, today announced their first AI Council meeting expert report exploring high-level strategic considerations towards trends in AI automated government and digital democracy in the second half of this century. 

With the ever-accelerating pace of computing power, the convergence of AI and RPA sophistication, with Artificial General Intelligence within reach of our children’s generation, we can and should contemplate bold new perspectives in how we choose to safeguard and improve our democratic processes.

In the midst of a heated US election, and with several countries challenged to maintain the integrity and sovereignty of their democratic processes intact, new ideas and multi-stakeholder dialog have been welcomed by the Tortora Brayda AI Council.

“The pandemic, the economic uncertainty, and political volatility in so many countries make AI automation in government a crucial topic to explore. Now is the time for taking stock and having the courage to come up with bold new ideas, as some put it, it’s time for a reset”, said Carlo Tortora Brayda, Founder and Chairperson at Tortora Brayda Partnership Excellence. “The future is hurtling towards us and accelerating, within just a generation, we could see AI contributing to a more balanced, transparent, and clean democratic process”.

Meeting highlights

Tortora Brayda Partnership Excellence gathered 29 council members representing academia, civil society, government, and discussed the adoption of artificial intelligence in government, new models of democracy, and the high standards of cyber security and ethical frameworks that would need to be implemented. It was resolved that multi-stakeholder outreach is essential weaving together efforts from multiple international standardization bodies. Furthermore, the council highlighted the importance of increasing awareness and education of developments in standards and frameworks across the board from policymakers to business innovators.

Working through a World Café system, thought-provoking dialogs in a multi-stakeholder context resulted in a fruitful report, where a vision of the future was outlined, and areas of concern were highlighted. Through cross-pollination of ideas across international boundaries the AI Council covered questions around how AI can facilitate access to democracy. 

What emerged from the sessions were concerns and suggestions of ethics, moral and cultural standards, along with robust privacy, and policy pronouncements, working towards a global framework.

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